Fish Food ZHIYANG Antarctic Krill - 2000ml
Fish Food ZHIYANG Antarctic Krill - 2000ml Fish & Coral Foods Aquatics Selangor, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Ampang Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Sixty Two Marine Aquarium
RM 33.00
- Vegas Dried Shrimp: Dragon dry shrimp is specially selected rich natural astaxanthinocean fishing krill as raw material, processing method for rapid freezing of vacuum, which features:
- Nature nutrition: Thanks to under-45 ultre low temperature treeze-drying system, all natural nutrients will be kept inside the shrimp, such as abundant Protein, Oil, CA, Phosphorus(P), Natrne Vitamin and Astacerie.
- Color and health enhancing: Abundant Protein, Oil, Nature Vitamin can onhance lish's health and rosistanco, onsure fish growth. Rich CA & Phosphorus(P) can help lish skeletal dovetopment and turtle shell growth. Protuse Astancene clelfver supenor color enchancing effed for fish.
- Replacement of live bait Large Arowana shrimp stays all nutrition of fresh shrimp and appetite, it is the best choice for home breedingfish and is best replacement of live bait for breeding large-sized carnivorous aquatic specles and sea fish, such as Arowana and Porgle, such as Oscars Diromouths, Green Terrons, Dempsevs, etc.

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